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Edgar Alexander Franco Navasquez

"I'm a venezuelan software developer looking for my spot in the IT industry."



Draw2PNG is a web application I made for digitizing hand-made drawings. Since drawing tablets could be quite expensive, sometimes I have to draw stuff by hand, scan it and use it as a guide layer for making a clean transparent outline.

Draw2PNG simplifies that process by taking your drawing and extracting its outline directly, through a group of options that allows you to give it a better look (and even paint it!).


Source code

Snipe Intruders


SnipeIntruders™ is a humble videogame I designed and coded in order to learn more about game development. It's a basic 2D shooting videogame where you have to hit each enemy as fast as you can before they reach the ground.

It was a college project I finished within 3 weeks and I consider it as my first production software.


Source code

Aprende Logica

Aprende Lógica

Aprende Lógica was a blog I published early 2012 for a teacher of the institute. The blog had as objective to provide an easy source of articles and theories that the students could have as new resource for the course. They could also check and send their homeworks with a small message to the teacher.

It was one of my first projects, currently is not available to visit, but you can feel free to see the source code.

Source code


Evilition was my first videogame, I developed it between 2012/2013 empirically with HTML5 and Canvas. The game had much variants and versions, being the first one similar to The House by Shintai.

The game has a horror story in a hospital with multiple levels and rooms, due to time limitations I couldn't finish it, but it was a great beginning entering myself into the videogame development. The video was made by a friend of mine.

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ERC-1 (DR)

ERC-1 (DR)

The ERC-1 (Edgar's Remote Car) was an exploring robot controlled remotely through an Android app I made as a personal project and also as a homework early 2016's.

My father helped me a lot assembling the electronic part and hardware, while I was occupied with the programming of the driving logic and control software.

Source code (Android)

Source code (Arduino)




"I'm a 26 years old guy specialised in web and game development, but I can easily adapt to any kind of development environment.

Right now I have 9 years of experience in overall."

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